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NIEP Community of Practice moving to the Knowledge Hub


What is the Knowledge Hub?

The Knowledge Hub forms part of the new integrated online offer from the Local Government Group and provides tools to help people connect, share and learn from each other. The latest technology and social networking models enable individuals to create connections to peers and experts in their fields of interest, helping them share learning, experiences and ideas, and drive sector self-regulation and improvement.


Why change? Why do we need something different from communities of practice?

While the communities of practice have been an amazing success, there is little cross-fertilisation of information between communities. You could be having a very similar conversation to someone else in another community and not know about it. This means you could be missing valuable learning and experience.

The Knowledge Hub aims to address this by enabling information to flow more freely around the system, encouraging more open conversations. It will include clever search function that will not only help you find things more easily, but also bring information and the connections to you based on your profile and activity.


What will I be able to do in the Knowledge Hub?

You will have access to many of the tools you've grown familiar with in communities of practice,but they might look a little bit different! Here's what you'll find from the start:

As the platform develops over the coming months, there will also be provision for visualising, publishing and linking data.


When is the change happening?

Local Government Group are going through an initial pilot phase right now and anticipate that the NIEP Asset Management Community will migrate across to the new Knowledge Hub early in 2012.


We will be in touch soon with more information about migrating to the Knowledge Hub. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please get in touch with